Tokio subway

Metro in pictures

here you can see photos of the metro

Information about the Metro

Tokyo’s first subway in Japan

Brief information:

  • Has 13 lines, 285 stations.
  • Its length along the length of routes is 304.1 kilometers.
  • The number of wagons is up to 10
  • Has three different gauges of 1435, 1372 and 1067 mm

Metro lines

Underground Lines Information

Line color Sign Line number Line Japanese
Toei Subway
Rose Subway TokyoAsakusa.png Line 1 Asakusa Line 浅草線
Blue Subway TokyoMita.png Line 6 Mita Line 三田線
Leaf Subway TokyoShinjuku.png Line 10 Shinjuku Line 新宿線
Magenta Subway TokyoOedo.png Line 12 Ōedo Line 大江戸線
Tokyo Metro
Silver Subway TokyoHibiya.png Line 2 Hibiya Line 日比谷線
Orange Subway TokyoGinza.png Line 3 Ginza Line 銀座線
Red Subway TokyoMarunouchi.png Line 4 Marunouchi Line 丸ノ内線
Subway TokyoMarunouchi b.png Marunouchi Line Branch Line 丸ノ内線分岐線
Sky Blue Subway TokyoTozai.png Line 5 Tōzai Line 東西線
Emerald Subway TokyoNamboku.png Line 7 Namboku Line 南北線
Gold Subway TokyoYurakucho.png Line 8 Yūrakuchō Line 有楽町線
Green Subway TokyoChiyoda.png Line 9 Chiyoda Line 千代田線
Purple Subway TokyoHanzomon.png Line 11 Hanzōmon Line 半蔵門線
Brown Subway TokyoFukutoshin.png Line 13 Fukutoshin Line 副都心線

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