Tren Urbano

Metro in pictures

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Information about the Metro

San Juan first subway in the Central America

Brief information:

  • It has 1 line, 16 stations.
  • Its length along the length of routes is 17,2 kilometers.
  • The number of wagons ranges from 2 (off rush hour) to 4 (at rush hour)
  • Has a standard track of 1435 mm.
  • The trains are charged from the contact rail, which is energized at 750 volts.
Tren Urbano

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Metro lines

Underground Lines Information

Primary Trunk line Color Pantone Hexadecimal Service bullets
IND Eighth Avenue Line Vivid blue PMS 286 #0039a6 "A" train"C" train"E" train
IND Sixth Avenue Line Bright orange PMS 165 #ff6319 "B" train"D" train"F" train"F" express train"M" train
IND Crosstown Line Lime green PMS 376 #6cbe45 "G" train
BMT Canarsie Line Light slate gray 50% black #a7a9ac "L" train
BMT Nassau Street Line Terra cotta brown PMS 154 #996633 "J" train"Z" train
BMT Broadway Line Sunflower yellow PMS 116 #fccc0a "N" train"Q" train"R" train"W" train
IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line Tomato red PMS 185 #ee352e "1" train"2" train"3" train
IRT Lexington Avenue Line Apple green PMS 355 #00933c "4" train"5" train"6" train"6" express train
IRT Flushing Line Raspberry PMS Purple #b933ad "7" train"7" express train
IND Second Avenue Line Turquoise PMS 638 #00add0 "T" train
Shuttles Dark slate gray 70% black #808183 shuttle train

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